“My motto was always ‘cut the crap’”, said Keen. “I wasn’t interested in the politics of making films – I just wanted to make films. Looking back, I didn’t really think about a trajectory. I just asked to borrow a camera. I always worked with borrowed cameras. Once I started filming, I just had to carry on. I couldn’t stop. It was natural.”

“Out here, every day is Ray Day. Daylight bleaches out yesterday’s news front, and chattering TV is in shop windows and English living rooms. Film is for cinemas and darkened rooms.”– Jeff Keen

“Hooray for Darkened Rooms” – André Breton.

Jeff Keen’s films are available for hire from BFI and LUX in UK.

You can also watch the documentary Jeff Keen Films for free on BFI Player here.

GAZWRX: The Films of Jeff Keen – a 4 DVD box set is available through BFI shop here.


Wail (1960)
Like the Time Is Now (1961)
The Autumn Feast (1961) – made with Piero Heliczer
Breakout (1962)
The Pink Auto (1964)
Instant Cinema (1965)
Missing Close-ups (1965?)
Flik Flak (1964-65)
Cineblatz (1967)
Marvo Movie (1967)
White Lite (1968)
Meatdaze (1968)
The Mutt & Jeff Icecream Sundae(1969)
Mothman (1969)
Day of the Arcane Light (1969)
Stolen Moments (1972)
White Dust (1970-72)
Rosa Canina (1975)
24 Films (1975)
Godzilla: Last of the Creatures (1976)
Rayday Film (1968-76)
Mad Love (1972-78)
The Cartoon Theatre of Dr. Gaz (1979)
Victory Thru Film Power (1980)
Spontaneous Combustion (1980)
The Return of Silverhead (1980)
Dreams and Past Crimes of the Archduke (1984)
Blatzom (1986)
Pulverized Cinema (1990)
Plasticator (1990)
Blazon Blatzom: El Pistolera Blatzo (1990)
Blazomatika (1990)
B-B-B Born and Life Storm (1990)
Artwar Loop 1 (1990)
Artwar Loop 2 (1990)
Plazmatic Blatz (1991)
Omozap (1991)
Omozap2 (1991)
Kino Pulveriso (1993)
Artwar: The Last Frontier (1993)
Artwar (1993)
Omozap in Artwar (1995)
Artwar Fallout + Artwar 3 (1995)
Kino Staccato (1999)
Joy Thru Film (2000)
Omozap Terribelis (2002)
Afterblatz 2 (2002)